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The "Yamim Hatzira" project - adjacent to the "Ir Yamim" neighborhood and Ramat Poleg in Netanya - is another project of Yuvalim Group in the sought-after and developing area of western Netanya, which is a magnet for quality populations seeking the best of all worlds, especially quality of life and a modern and luxurious residential environment.

"Yamim Hatzira" is located within walking distance of the sea, and close to quality educational institutes such as kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. In addition, there are community centers, "Matnasim" (Youth and Sports Cultural Centers) and youth movement clubs, all of which constitute the perfect educational backdrop for families, with emphasis on quality education and leisure culture.

The new complex was built in a strategic location, close to the magnificent Netanya beaches. It offers families and home-improvers, a perfect residential location within walking distance of the "Ir Yamim" Mall, which provides a plethora of activities, sports clubs, entertainment and leisure.


"Yamim Hatzira" will fulfill your dream of a high-quality living environment, together with a rich community life. "Yuvalim Group" - the leader in the field of community management in residential complexes in Israel - will create a residential complex for you, in which environmental development is elegant and modern, alongside rich leisure and community activities for all the occupants of the complex. 

In addition, "Yamim Hatzira" is located near the "Sapir" employment complex, and is accessible to major traffic routes, such as the Coastal Road, Highway 4, and Route 531. This allows the residents of "Yamim Hatzira" quick and easy access to the Dan region, and to leading employment centers, alongside excellent access to public transport. 

Dreaming of the perfect living environment for you and your family, and knowing that you've invested in the right place? The "Yamim Hatzira" project that is currently materializing, is the perfect business opportunity to realize your dream, and to join a developing venture that will only improve over the years, and increase its value.

The project will include 872 new residential units in 14 buildings. Some of them will be 17 to 23-storey towers, as well as 10-storey buildings, with apartments of various sizes. The specifications will be rich and high-level, and the construction will be "green", modern and high-quality - all of which characterize the projects initiated by "Yuvalim Group".


Proximity to commercial centers and entertainment venues.


Proximity to commercial centers and entertainment venues.

Walking distance to leading education institutes


Walking distance to leading education institutes

Proximity to existing and future parks and playgrounds


Proximity to existing and future parks and playgrounds

To central transportation routes


To central transportation routes

Access to well maintained and advanced centers


Access to well maintained and advanced centers

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